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Natalie Docquir, the founder of the company and a RIDQC certified interior designer, is a young and eager professional willing to break traditions and create designs that fit your lifestyle.


I found my passion for interior design when we remodeled our first home. With a small budget and very specific taste, I had to get creative. I was lucky enough to have a handy husband willing to tackle projects with an open mind. In our first home in College Hill, I had to work around the restrictions that came with trying to freshen up an almost centennial house. The challenges of such a task involved distinguishing the design aspects that although outdated, where still worth preserving for the history of the home. Through space planning, I learned how to camouflage the negative while highlighting the positive.

When we decided to enter the next chapter in our lives, we were faced with a vast choice of homes and architectural designs to pick from. To help us decide, we narrowed our search to a handful of criteria : a large backyard for our dogs to enjoy, a quiet and safe neighborhood to raise our children, and a home layout that would lend itself to our lifestyle, even if it meant taking down a wall or two. 

With that knowledge, I walked into our future home that checked off the essentials on our list and was able to look past the current form of the house to see the potential that it had. We undertook this big renovation project with a vision in mind, and I was able to bring that same vision to life.

I then decided to formalize this passion by taking the New York Institute of Art and Design program, followed by the RIDCQ certification shortly after. I'm now equipped to bring your ideas and vision to life with a focus on functionality and budget.


Interior Design 

Space Planning

Furniture Selection

Home Staging

New Builds and Remodels

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