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Picking the right color palette for your home

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Most people feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting color in their home. Color isn't something to be intimidated by! Playing around with color should be fun and exciting. In this blog post I will be sharing tips and tricks to help you find a palette that not only makes you smile, but also feels like you. Whether you like modern design, farmhouse style, art deco, traditional or any of the other beautiful interior design styles, I want to help you decorate your home interior.

First thing I want you to do is look through your closet. I know that sounds silly but trust me on this one! Sometimes we don’t even realize what colors we gravitate towards until we see them right in front of us. So, stop whatever you are doing and explore all of the colors that are in your wardrobe and accessories. What colors do you see? We all have certain pieces in our closet that just make us feel like a million bucks. Those are the pieces of inspiration you should use to curate your color palette. What clothing do you feel confident in? What clothing makes you happy? If you feel good in a color, odds are you will love it in your palette. Another great way to figure out what colors you are drawn to is searching the web for inspiration. Find photos that make you feel at peace rather than overwhelmed. Then study those photos and ask yourself why you like them so much. Maybe it’s the textures all coming together, the mood you get from the photo or the pop up color way in the back. Whatever it is, it made you stare at that photo for a reason.

Now that you have established what colors you naturally gravitate towards, let’s talk about color schemes. You don’t have to carry the same color or colors throughout your entire house. You also don’t need to follow the same color scheme. That’s the beauty of design; you get to create individual rooms that can satisfy your every color need. If you love bright sunshine yellow but are too concerned about it clashing with your furniture in your living room, maybe save that color for a bedroom design or a linen closet.

There are a few basic color schemes that I want to mention. Pictured below we have Monochromatic, Analogous and Complementary. Analogous and Monochromatic can be calming and relaxing, so using them for a bedroom design can be perfect. Complementary is fun and exciting and can go very nicely in your living room design or any larger area. In saying that, you can use any scheme you want in any room. Just think about how you want that room to feel and what colors you desire for that space before you choose a scheme. With Complementary you want to use the 80/20 rule and pick a dominant color and use it’s complement sprinkled evenly throughout the space. This doesn’t mean 80% of your space needs to be yellow and 20% blue. It means no matter how much dominant you decide to use, use about 20% of that amount for the compliment. It’s not about how much color you add, it’s about how it makes you feel when you walk into that space. There is no such thing as too little or too much color. What matters if finding the perfect amount for you.

I think it’s time to curate your palette! Let’s say, for example, that you love the way you feel in blue, what’s next? After you establish a color or colors you love let’s put them together and create something personal and beautiful. Blue is a cool tone, so pairing neutral cool tones such as greys with undertones of blue or green will go nicely together. To warm up a space that’s filled with rather cold tones I like to continue with the 80/20 rule. Since we chose a cool toned palette that should make up about 80% of your furniture and accessories and then 20% should be warm to give the space some balance. For example, Adding in touches of brown, terracotta, and cream.

It’s always easier to visualize how colors will look when placed side by side. So, grab your inspiration photos, clothes, and all the in-between, to your pre-existing furniture and window coverings. But don't stop there! Bring your inspo with you while out shopping. There is a lot of pressure when shopping and a lot of distractions, so coming prepared can relieve some stress off of you. If you don’t want to haul over clothing or larger items to a store, simply take photos that accurately depict the color and that will work just as good

Decor is the best way to test out colors and styles without making too big of a commitment. So don’t hesitate to try something different when it comes to smaller items. I think the most important thing to pay attention to here is your initial reaction when you see something you like for your home. Most likely that reaction will be your most genuine. I want you to focus on your reaction before you start thinking about what other people will say when they walk into your house or if the color will age well. In the end of the day, it’s your house and it should make you happy.

Choosing your color palette doesn’t stop at those eye catching colors you love. You need a set of neutrals to balance out the space. This is where you look back on those inspiration photos you have and pay attention to the surrounding colors. If it feels off to you then don’t force yourself to go with those colors just because someone on social media chose them. There are many combinations that work together. You can choose black to add contrast, a cream to calm the space or a mixture of both! Have fun curating the colors in your home because you spend so much time there and you deserve to love it.

If you need any help going through this process feel free to reach out to us through our contact form. We can help you with your home project however big or small it may be. We offer a free consultation in person if you are local to the Wichita area or virtually anywhere else!

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