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How Deep Cleaning Can Improve Your Life

Spring is often a time for cleaning one’s home, but it’s certainly not the only time. Perhaps because spring reminds us of renewal and of the coming warm weather we’re prompted to do a deep cleaning, providing us with an opportunity to renew ourselves, or at least our home environment. Many people focus on decluttering, some have windows cleaned, while others focus on getting the outdoors ready for new growth and summer months.

No matter what form deep cleaning takes for you, it’s a time to improve your health and your life. Consider these ideas from Creative Lines Interior Design.

How Cleanliness Affects Health

As Eartheasy points out, during the winter homes get filled with all sorts of allergens that continuously circulate through home heating systems. Toxins also accumulate in our homes when they are not properly ventilated. These toxins come from numerous sources from consumer products we use to chemicals we track into our homes on our shoes.

While dust and toxins can make us feel unwell physically, states of disorder, uncleanliness and clutter can negatively affect our mental health according to Psychology Today. When our homes are disheveled, we experience feelings of anxiety. It’s almost as if we cannot truly feel peace if we are constantly surrounded by messes. Anxiety amplifies whenever we fear someone will stop over, as we may feel that our home is too dirty for visitors. And a dirty and unorganized house makes us feel unorganized as well.

Luckily, it’s actually quite simple to execute a deep-cleaning plan. Here’s how to make this year the year you finally defeat your unclean home.

Simple Cleaning Tips

Those who keep a clean house do not possess superpowers. They just know the keys to keeping a home clean. The first step is to avoid letting messes accumulate in the first place. By keeping cleaning tools and supplies at hand, a spill or layer of dust is quickly dispatched. In a similar way, “neat freaks” prioritize order. The effort to put a dish away now is easier than letting dishes pile up and fester until they become an unpleasant task that you actively avoid.

In addition, those who always keep their homes clean know the secret of cleaning all the time. Not drudgery-type cleaning where you are on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor, just always sweeping through a room, wiping down counters, changing the garbage, breaking down recyclables and putting things in their right place. This process only sounds overwhelming to those whose houses are in extreme disorder. If you are always neatening up, you quickly find that there is very little cleaning to do.

And when you are cleaning, follow pro tips. First, always clean from the top down. Most people hate cleaning because they simply do not know how to clean. They might sweep the floor, then wipe down counters, only to realize that they have to get the broom back out to sweep up the counter crumbs that hit the floor.

Another tip is to use your tools properly. Vacuum cleaners come with all sorts of attachments, and most people just use the machine to clean rugs. A wand with attachment is your best ally in cleaning hard-to-reach places, such as ceiling corners, ceiling fan blades and behind heavy furniture.

Many people misuse cleaning fluids, too, thinking that they need to saturate a surface in order to achieve cleanliness. Most messes are easily cleaned with water and a towel. Cleaners, especially disinfectants, are meant to be lightly applied to the surfaces, not poured on and wiped off. In bathrooms, novice cleaners often walk in and spray every surface with liquid bathroom cleaner, which can make sweeping up hair and dust nearly impossible. Dust or vacuum these areas first, then wipe them down after the dry material has been removed.

Beyond cleaning tips, your health can be improved by staying on top of your HVAC filters, replacing according to manufacturer’s suggestions.

With a clean home, you can experience physical health and mental serenity.

Photo Credit: Pexels

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